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In Plant Large Bore Piping

Bottlenecks required upgrading existing piping in an older plant.

Challenges included missing and inaccurate drawings, along with a short installation duration. A 3D laser scan survey was utilized to create a model of the existing piping. A 3D piping model with the larger line size and additional valves was developed by overlaying the new piping on top of the existing laser scan model.  

Considerable thought went into the design to ensure the larger piping and new valves would fit within the tight space constraints and align with the existing flanges at the tie points. GN2 was able to effectively utilize the 3D laser scan to reduce the risk of costly fit up rework in the field.


Additional work for this project included:

  • Steady state and transient hydraulic analysis

  • Work packages including: demolition drawings, revised piping & instrumentation diagrams, piping isometrics, and spool fabrication drawings

  • Material Requisitions and vendor support

  • RFI support for construction 

Utilized 3D laser scan to ensure accurate fit up
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