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Linked to the Community where we work

Giving Back

GN2 views investment in the communities that we and our clients operate in as a key strategy to success. Doing so aligns our goals with our clients and demonstrates to our employees and clients that we are a responsible corporation. This has established GN2 as a preferred engineering provider for our clients and a highly attractive place to work for all of our employees.


We give back though event sponsorship, donations and volunteering to the following organizations:

Health Safety & Environment

GN2 Engineering is committed to preventing the accidental loss of any of its resources, including injuries to employees and damage to physical assets in accordance with industry standards and legislative requirements.

GN2 is committed to working closely with Aboriginal peoples and communities to build and maintain effective, long-term and mutually beneficial relationships. To achieve this commitment, GN2 strives for relationships that are based on transparency, mutual respect and trust.

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